Watches In Switzerland

9 Jul 2015

Unlike mechanical watch that we must wind up periodically, automatic watches have the particularity to wind up with the movement of the wrist.
The back of the watch, if it shows the movement, reveals the mechanism which allows this feature: An oscillating weight, in fact, a counterweight that pivots at the center and moves at the slightest movement which leads a set of wheel to the barrel containing the spring motor of the watch.
An automatic watch, worn regularly never needs winding up. But if you forget it too long, at its turn it will forget you pausing after its power reserve is over. Fortunately, it will restart at the slightest movement or when winding up manually.
For daily use, an automatic watch is a good choice to enjoy refinement of tiny watch mechanisms without winding up concern.
Automatic Swiss watches remain the must in this field and experience shows that when you try quality automatic watches, it is very seldom not to be conquered.

Indeed, except their superior quality, automatic Swiss watches exude a subtle charm which, once discovered, is irreplaceable.

23 Jun 2015
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